Configuration tool for AMD Overdrive6 devices.

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With the release of the AMD Radeon R9 2xx series also came the release of AMD Overdrive6. Overdrive6 is not backwards compatible with Overdrive5, nor is Overdrive5 forwards compatible with Overdrive6. Thus until programs which utilize ADL catch up and implement support for both Overdrive5 and Overdrive6 (including amdconfig!) a separate utility will be necessary to maintain control over these new Overdrive6 devices.

This is where od6config comes in. Though its use should only be necessary for a brief period of time, hopefully one will find it a more pleasant alternative to e.g. amdconfig going forward.


Download the AMD Display Library SDK 6.0 or newer, and extract the archive into the ADL_SDK directory. Then, issue the typical ``make && sudo make install'' to build and install.


Usage: od6config [OPTIONS] [SUBOPTIONS] ...


  Lists all detected and supported display adapters.


  Selects which adapters returned by --list should be affected.
  ADAPTERLIST contains a comma-separated list of adapter index
  numbers. If ADAPTERLIST is omitted, all adapters will be affected.


  Sets minclock equal to maxclock, PowerTune to +50, and fan speed
  to 100%.


  Display various information as read from the device.
  SUBOPTS contains a comma-separated list of directives.
  Valid SUBOPTS values:
    clocks          Current core and memory clock values
    fan             Current fan speed
    temp            Current temperature in Celsius


  Write the specified configuration values to the device.
  SUBOPTS contains a comma-separated list of config key-value pairs.
  Valid SUBOPTS values:
    core=<value>    Set the core clock frequency
    mem=<value>     Set the memor clock frequency
    fan=<value>     Set the fan speed percentage
    power=<value>   Set the PowerTune value


List all Overdrive6 devices:

od6config --list

Show temperature and fan speed of all devices:

od6config --get temp,fan

Show clock rates for devices 2 & 3 only:

od6config --adapter 2,3 --get clocks

Automatically set all devices in an optimal configuration:

od6config --autofix

Manually set the core and memory clocks on all devices to 1050 Mhz core, 1375 Mhz memory:

od6config --set core=1050,mem=1375

Set the core clock to 1100 Mhz, the memory clock to 1250 Mhz, the fan speed to 90%, and PowerTune to +40 on the first device only:

od6config --adapter 0 --set core=1100,mem=1250,fan=90,power=+40

... So on and so forth.